WORKS of art by contemporary British artists including Damien Hirst, Rachel Whiteread and Tracey Emin have gone on display at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester.

The works, which are on show alongside the exhibition POP! Art in a Changing Britain, demonstrate how a generation of artists known as the Young British Artists adopted and expanded the 1960s Pop Art aesthetic.

The display features works by Peter Blake, Michael Craig-Martin, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Gavin Turk and Rachel Whiteread. Ranging from paintings to sculptures, they help demonstrate the legacy of British Pop Art and the development of conceptual art in Britain through the works of the Young British Artists. These were a loose group of British artists who began exhibiting together in the late 1980s. They became famous for their openness to materials and processes, shock tactics and entrepreneurial attitude.

An intended gift to the gallery from Frank and Lorna Dunphy, the works are on display until May 7.

Roman Standard (2005) by Tracey Emin

A tribute to Liverpool’s famed Liver Bird, Roman Standard was Emin’s first public art project. She describes the sculpture, often mistaken as a real bird, as a symbol of “hope, faith and spirituality” that acts as a point of contemplation. The sculpture is on display in the gallery’s courtyard garden where it forms a link between the stone ostriches that adorn the gateway to the original 18th century townhouse.

LOVE (2007) by Sir Peter Blake

An important example of Blake’s later work, Love was previously loaned to the Gallery for the 2012 exhibition Peter Blake and Pop Music. Love is a significant example of the impact of collage being used as an art form in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Bognor Blue (2008) by Damien Hirst

Part of Hirst’s 2008 Butterfly series, the title Bognor Blue is a reference to the Dunphys’ seaside home in West Sussex.

Untitled (For Frank) (1999) by Rachel Whiteread

One of the first pieces Frank Dunphy acquired for his collection, Untitled (For Frank) is a plaster relief of bookshelves created by Whiteread as part of an room installation in the MOMA collection. Whiteread often works with negative space, creating sculptures which give a physical presence to the absence of an object – in this case, books and the shelves they sit upon.

Dump (2004) by Gavin Turk

Turk’s work often questions the nature of art and what we choose to display in our museums and galleries. In this work, a bronze cast of a filled rubbish bag painted to look real, Turk is also commenting on the waste produced by modern day consumerist lifestyles.

Scissors (Pink Wallpaper) (2004) by Michael Craig Martin
During his tenure at Goldsmiths College, London, Michael Craig-Martin fostered many of the YBAs, including Damien Hirst, Julian Opie, Fiona Rae, Gary Hume and Sarah Lucas. His artworks tend to focus on ordinary, mass produced functional objects painted in a palette of bright colours, accentuated by separation with the black line used to outline and describe them.

Young British Artists: The Frank and Lorna Dunphy Gift is on display at Pallant House Gallery, 9 North Pallant, Chichester, until Monday May 7. Phone 01243 774557 or visit

Above and below: Roman Standard (2005) by Tracey Emin at the Pallant House Gallery

Main picture, top: LOVE (2007) by Sir Peter Blake

Above: Bognor Blue (2008) by Damien Hirst

Below: Dump (2004) by Gavin Turk/picture: Stephen White

Above: Scissors (Pink Wallpaper) (2004) by Michael Craig Martin