Date(s) - 06/10/2018

Ropetackle Arts Centre, Little High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea

Saturday October 6, 11am

Tickets £7/child £5/ family of 4 £20. Age 3-11

Look out for the biggest loo roll ever on stage in this giant of a children’s musical from TaleGate Children’s Theatre. The villagers living in the town below the Giant’s house had better watch out: that loo roll has gone bouncing down the hill and straight towards them. Luckily, the townsfolk find lots of uses for runaway loo paper – one sheet provides a huge canvas for an artist, a tailor uses another to fill her shop with paper pants and a school class makes a huge dart that can fly. But what about the Giant himself – doesn’t he need any loo paper? The townspeople have an answer for that too. This event is part of Shoreham Wordfest 2018.

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