Date(s) - 25/03/2018

Connaught Studio, Connaught Theatre, Union Place, Worthing

Sunday March 25, 3.30pm

Tickets £7/age 14 and under £5/seniors and students £6

This documentary about John Curry, the British figure skater and 1976 Olympic and World Champion famous for combining ballet and modern dance influences into his skating. It’s a story of art, sport, sexuality, and rebellion. Including unseen footage of some of his most remarkable performances and with access to Curry’s letters, archive interviews, and interviews with his family, friends and collaborators, this is a portrait of the man who turned ice-skating from a dated sport into an exalted art form. Watch any figure skating and it falls into two possible camps: before and after John Curry. From what was a macho, technical sport whose judges punished deviation blossomed ice-dancing through John Curry’s stubborn beauty. This was no Holiday on Ice, but a new artistic medium. Picture: Chris Christodolou.

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