Date(s) - 27/09/2018

Sussex Prairie Garden, Morlands Farm, Wheatsheaf Road, near Henfield

Thursday September 27, 10am-2pm

£55 including materials

Participants will create organic drawing tools from garden detritus and foliage using binding tapes and twines. They will forage the Prairie Garden for unusual organic materials for interesting markmaking to create drawing tools on varied scales. The materials will range from large sticks and branches to tiny flower heads and seed heads and techniques will include taping, binding and weaving. The tools made will be used to draw spontaneously with inks and paints. Participants will create marks responding to calm, tranquil sounds as well as more energetic music. Expressive markmaking with gestural qualities will be encouraged to work on large paper pieces. Then, individual drawings in graphite sticks/charcoal will be produced. Participants will be asked to think about their walk around the garden and journey they made. They will then be verbally guided though their walk whilst making marks on their paper.

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