Date(s) - 01/11/2018 - 30/11/2018

Venue, date and time to be announced

As part of the Bernstein In Chichester Festival marking the centenary of the birth of the West Side Story composer Leonard Bernstein, former choristers of Chichester Cathedral recall performing his composition the Chichester Psalms in his presence on 31 July 1965. “I remember preparing for and performing in the 1965 concert with great appreciation and affection, and for the challenge of singing something so different and in a language other than Latin or English,” recalls one. “It was indeed a memorable experience, ending with Bernstein visibly appreciative of the performance by the choir and orchestra.” Noel Osborne, a Bass Lay Vicar in the Cathedral Choir from 1963-1976, recalls singing the Chichester Psalms in 1965: “I remember the anticipation ahead of the final Southern Cathedrals Festival concert for the cathedral choirs of Chichester, Salisbury and Winchester, with the Chichester Psalms at the centre of it – and wondering if it would all come together on the day. Would we do justice to the music – and the Hebrew?” Picture of Chichester choristers performing the Chichester Psalms in 1965: Timothy Nott.

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